Do you help people to manage their fuel bills?

Smart Pay As You Go (PAYG) meters are on their way!

There is huge potential for smart PAYG to help householders currently on prepayment meters, and a broader group who could benefit from flexible top up options like people with limited mobility or a disability or illness.

Smart prepayment meters are already available and being offered to your service users.  Prepayment meter customers could significantly benefit from the UK’s roll out of smart metering over the next five years.  They can currently experience a range of difficulties with their meter, including:

  • lack of access to competitive tariffs
  • disconnection through problems with payment equipment, or self-disconnection
  • little choice in ways to  top up
  • incorrect crediting of top up payments
  • poor historical information on fuel use, which can aid budgeting and energy management
  • problems when switching supplier

Smart prepayment (Pay-as-you-go, or PAYG) meters can remedy some of these challenges, delivering advantages that may also appeal to a broader sector of energy consumers. Real-time information on energy use and flexible top up options can put people more in control of their fuel bills. They can avoid disconnection (and the health and lifestyle impacts that result), and reduce the anxiety often associated with energy consumption.

Want to find out more?

The Centre for Sustainable Energy is offering a half day workshop which will:

  • introduce the wider context of smart metering in the UK
  • explore what a smart prepayment meter is and what it can do for your clients
  • share the services on offer with smart prepay: new ways to pay, budgeting and managing energy use
  • discuss the benefits and possible challenges of smart prepayment meters for your organisation and client group

Current workshop dates are 4th June and 16th June.