Finding advice: How to find reliable advice online

“I want to know more about where to get reliable advice online”

If this applies to you, have a go at this free online course from charity AdviceNow which gives you tips on finding advice to help resolve your problems:

Finding out about the law

“The law affects us all on a daily basis – often without us knowing. Sometimes it helps to know what the law says about an everyday situation; it can offer solutions. But where is best to look and what sources of information are reliable? This course suggests ways to decide whether online legal information is likely to be reliable, explains how to check whether the information applies where you live, and how to be sure that it is up to date”.

Top tips from the online course cover:

  • chosing a reliable website
  • selecting relevant information
  • checking information is up to date

“I want to find out about advice issues face-to-face”

If you are a support worker or adviser helping clients, maybe you’d like to request face-to-face training on Finding Advice Online. Advice North Somerset can come and do a short session on using national websites to get the answers to common legal problems. The session takes about 2 hours and can be run at a team meeting or separate occasion for your workers or volunteers.

Have a look at the course information on our training page. The course will enable participants to:

  • become familiar with navigating websites such as Shelter, Adviceguide, and National Debtline
  • identify ways to search for legal information on trusted websites
  • describe where people can get further help for common advice problems

Finding Advice Online