The story so far….

Training is important for partnership working in order to support people to get the right advice in the right place, to reduce burden on the primary advice providers in the area and to ensure that support organisations and clients are aware of other sources of help.

Between 2013 and 2015, Advice North Somerset delivered a comprehensive training programme to the sector to improve people’s skills. In particular, more than 70 people were trained in Advice Awareness giving them high-quality skills training to identify when people need specialist advice and what other support is available. The outline of these courses is shown below.

Current training

We are currently offering training via our sister network, ACFA The Advice Network. Their current programme is also shown on our events page. Training courses of interest to advice workers, support workers and other organisations giving free advice, information and support in North Somerset are currently very limited, but will also be shown on our events page.