Campaign for Change

How does campaigning for change work?

Whether you’re an individual, an adviser, a member of an organisation or community group – we want to work together to campaign for change.

A flow chart showing how campaigning for chage works: There is a policy that is unfair or causing hardship to people and could be improved; We collect stories from people about the difficulties they are having and how this policy could be changed or improved; We take stories and data on the problems to the people that can change or improve the policy; The policy is changed or improved and people have fewer problems as a result

What can I do?

  • Tell us what is happening to you or your clients so we can make your voices heard
  • We need to know what impact policy is having in North Somerset
  • We will use your reports to influence local decisions and plan campaigns


Advice North Somerset spearheaded the following campaigns. Currently we are not actively involved in campaigns; please visit Citizens Advice North Somerset for current projects. We are still interested in hearing your stories (see link below).